Why Are You Using Screw-Top Lids?

 March 7, 2015
Posted by admin9

Many growlers on the market (as well as mini-growlers, bombers, certain bottles, etc.) employ the Bail Lid, variously called a Swing-Top or Flip-Top lid.

DrinkFresh Growlers, however, utilize internally threaded screw-top lids, for three primary reasons.

1. Not all Screw-Top lids are created equally. At Brew-Tek, we felt the poor reputation of screw-on lids was justified, because most screw-top growlers are not designed to handle real pressure, or prevent leaks. Our lids are machine threaded with four layers of threading, and have been pressure rated to hold up to 87psi. In short, they are designed to succeed where other screw-top lids have historically failed.

2. DrinkFresh technology is made possible in part by our two-module lid system. Not only does it provide a superior, pressure-tested seal, but it allows us to securely attach a Schrader valve for CO2 injection and pressure release. Along with locking in pressure, it can maximize freshness by purging oxygen and replacing it with CO2.

3. Reducing Waste. We mean this both in terms of manufacturing, and in terms of space.
The machine-threading process and injection-mold construction of the lids allow us to reduce wasted materials.

It also keeps our manufacturing costs lower, allowing us to pass greater savings on to you.
The internal threading also reduces wasted space in your growler. While traditional screw-top lids would cover the externally-threaded lip of the growler, our lids almost function more like corks, going inside the growler and reducing the space between the beer and the lid. Less space means less oxygen can potentially get in touch with your beer. It also means when you get your growler filled, it is truly filled to capacity.