Our innovative team at Brew-Tek Labs have combined the highest quality materials to bring you our portable small-footprint Pilot / Nanobrewery. Passivated 304 stainless steel, food grade hoses, and a durable stainless steel frame make up the main body — with the most user-friendly, ergonomic design possible to make small scale brewing more enjoyable than ever.

Easy on the eyes, but full of features, the Nanobrewery is an elegant way to take your homebrewing game to the next level. The central access design means you are never more than an arm’s reach away from any valves, controls, or lids. The all-inclusive package ensures the only things you need to start brewing are the ingredients for your recipe. The Brew-Tek name promises quality and consistency you can depend on, brew after brew.

Whether you are just getting started as a brewer, or already have years of large batch all-grain brewing experience, this device is your playground.

Scroll down to learn more, and find out why the Nanobrewery is the ideal system for you. NB Please ref the details of the Nano Cellar Vessels here..

1.2 hL Pilot/Nanobrewery with 1.2hL Uni-tanks, on-site at a UK customer

1.2 Hectalitre Pilot/Nanobrewery with 1.2HL Uni-tanks

0.5hL Brewhouse with 0.5 & 1hL Uni-tanks, destined for Melbourne, Australia

BrewFresh Nanobrewery

Get Pumped

One powerful electric pump enables you to move your brewing liquor between all 3 vessels. For example, you can heat water with the gas-burner under your boil kettle, and easily recirculate hot water throughout the system, allowing for easy and effective cleaning. As we provide the highest quality food-grade brewer’s hoses, the pump also allows you to transfer your post boiled wort to your FV. Clean, simple, accurate, and efficient–so you can focus on your newest brew!

All for One:

In the middle of the rig is an insulated Mash/Lauter Tun. The stainless steel Mash Tun features form-fitting wedge wire plates that create an internal sleeve, lining the thick-walled vessel. Giving you the optimum environment to mash at a consistent temperature for the ideal enzyme activity you desire. After mashing and lautering, your spent grains come out quickly and mess-free by simply removing the Mash Tun. The design reduces your clean-up time and gives you a smoother brewing process than ever before.

Follow the Footprints:

Our nanobrewery combines easy storage combined with portability. The vertical orientation of the system means it takes up less space, without sacrificing brewing capacity. The small system footprint is also made mobile by the locking wheels on the base, meaning you can store it away when not in use and easily roll it back out on Brew Day.

Fuel Your Passion:

Each system comes equipped to connect your Kettle burner to either natural gas or propane fuel sources. Whether you have a dedicated line or will connect to a refillable tank, one easy connection will have you cooking with gas in no time

An Electric Atmosphere:

More precision equals more control and a better final product, which Brew-Tek provides. A digital thermometer automatically measures and regulates temperatures through electric heating coils built into the Hot Liquor Tank. Allowing you to set the desired temperature of your strike/sparge water, keeping consistent temp all the way through your brew. Just program your desired temperature and it will automatically maintain within one degree Celsius for you.

You Spin Me Right Round:

Whirlpooling capability is crucial in the separation of your hop and protein trub from your wort after boiling. This is the main trub separation technique that is used in commercial breweries before the wort is chilled. With the use of the Nanobrewery whirlpool arm, this task is quick, simple and effective. Just hook up your whirlpool arm to the hose, place inside you kettle, turn on the pump and watch your wort spin! The Boil Kettle incorporates a gentle conic slope at the base, delivering clearer wort, faster cooling, and better beer every time.

These versatile classic tower-type brewhouses have been employed to produce wort for yeast propagations, R & D / pilot fermentations / keg of the week beers, in many commercial brewers in Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide) and globally. Small scale brewing ventures located in Sydney & Canberra have also been launched with the 1.2hL brewhouse. Get in touch with us to discuss solutions for you craft brewery needs.