We offer a range of brewhouses starting from 3 US BBL in our ‘standard’ 2 vessel configuration or bespoke designs to customers requirements. Popular sizings are typically 5 & 10 barrel but between sizes and larger are available. All kit is TIG-welded 304 stainless-steel to Australian standards (where applicable).

Brewhouse standard features: grist hydrators; flow-meters (Liquor & wort); variable speed rake & plough in the Mash/ Lauter; a condenser unit on the kettle; variable speed pumps for each vessel & oversized dual-stage heat exchanger.

Stock 2 Vessel 10 BBL (US) Brewhouse

  • Mashtun / Lauter (L) Kettle whirlpool (R)
  • VFD Rake in mash vessel & condenser on kettle
  • Vessel specific VFD pumps
  • Flow meters for liquor and wort
  • Platform & floor mounted control panels
  • Engraved vessel lids
  • Custom platform design
  • Steam, direct fire and electric heating options available

10BBL Brewhouse

Bespoke , customer designed, 3 vessel steam-heated Brewhouse

3 Vessel 18HL Steam Heated Brewhouse

Whirlpool (left) Kettle (centre) Mash (right)

We have designed kit in the majority of marquee breweries in craft brewing epicentres including Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, Get in touch to discuss features and designs of your next brewhouse project.  We have CAD drawing / floor plan & layout design capabilities to visualise your ideas and concepts.