How Do I Separate the Lid?

 March 7, 2015
Posted by admin9

Our lids have two components: the threaded lid (which actually screws onto the mouth of the growler, and contains the DrinkFresh valve) and the cap (which snaps onto the lid, and has the grey rubber grip around it). To separate, it is best to first screw the lid onto the growler so it is secured. Then, lift the cap on one side. You should feel it POP as it separates from the lower lid. Once you have one side disconnected, just twist and lift on the other side. 
To reconnect the two modules, simply press the cap firmly down onto the lid until you feel and hear it snap back into place. You can also give it a turn CLOCKWISE to ensure the cap has fully snapped into place. Once you hear the click, you can turn it COUNTERCLOCKWISE to open your growler again.